The American Bully Rescue of Ontario is a registered non profit, volunteer run organization. They rescue, protect, and improve the lives of American Bullies and other 'bully' breeds that find themselves homeless, abused, or neglected. They work to promote responsible ownership while supporting responsible, reputable breeders that are dedicated to improving the American Bullies genetics, traits and characteristics. They give local representation and defense for the American Bully breed to protect it against breed discrimination and Breed Specific Legislation.  Proceeds from every item from our Pink Shirt Collection will be donated to help this rescue.


Nova - The inspiration behind our company. She was rescued by No Dog Forsaken Pet Rescue in Georgina ON. We have proudly raised money to help support the 2 required MPL surgeries she needed in order to become eligible for adoption, along with her recovery and swim therapy sessions in between the surgeries.


Caspian the German Shepherd/Lab X - belong to a lovely family in Keswick ON. He joined the family at only 9 weeks old and was a pure bundle of joy, getting along well with their other German Shepherd.  When he was only 4 months old,  it became apparent that Caspian had some shifting lameness in all of his long bones and was in a considerable amount of pain. After seeing the veterinarian and undergoing many tests, Caspian was diagnosed Panosteitis - a growth bone disease and was placed on three different medications right away. They were told that this would pass as he grew,  but other complications came to follow and he has now developed Stage 1 hip dysplasia.
Medical expenses have started to pile up and Caspian is only 8 months old - We have designed apparel items specifically for Caspians cause, with 100% of proceeds going towards his recovery and journey.

Boxer Rescue Of Canada

Boxer Rescue Ontario is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to placing abandoned, injured or lost boxers in loving homes. We have proudly donated to help support this great rescue.

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